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Benefit Auctions


Many organizations use silent and live auctions as a means of generating revenue.  Since the year 2000 Wardlow Auctions Inc. has conducted over 600 benefit auctions for over 156 National and Local health, religious, school and civic organizations, trade groups, and corporations, helping to raise over $16.5 million from just the live auction portion of their event. Wardlow Auctions Inc. has conducted live auctions for large gala events with as many as 1300 people and for small informal events with as few as 25 people with single event revenues ranging from a few hundred dollars to a quarter of million dollars.

Consultation Objectives

Being skilled professionals in the business of conducting auctions, and with extensive experience in conducting benefit auctions, Wardlow Auctions Inc. can share its knowledge and experience in benefit auctions with its clients to help them create revenue opportunities, structure their auction effectively and avoid certain pitfalls relating to the auction event.  Our primary objectives are to maximize revenue, help make the auction event run more smoothly, and to correct any previously identified problems that the organization may have experienced.  Our job is not to run your event but to provide advice, as desired, to help the event run better.  As the company president says “Our job is not to drive the train, but to help make the ride smoother and help you avoid a train wreck”.

Additional Services

In addition to providing live auction services, Wardlow Auctions Inc. also provides two other auction related services: 1) computerized clerking and invoicing and 2) check-out.  With computerized invoicing services, the organization is able to provide its attendees/buyers with professionally appearing invoices with the organizations logo and contact information and an itemized listing of the buyer’s purchases.  The check-out service is aimed to better manage the function where the buyers claim their purchases.  When using our computerized clerking services we will provide the organization with a detailed accounting and report summary of the auction as well as an evaluation of the positive aspects of the auction and suggestions for more effectiveness.

The services we can provide include:

  • A professional Auctioneer
  • Professional bid spotters (perhaps the most overlooked and undervalued element of a large event auction)
  • Auction supplies including professionally printed bid number cards and silent auction bid forms in NCR triplicate format
  • Computerized clerking with up to three computer stations for registering attendees, processing invoices, and providing post auction reports of sale results to the organization.
  • Management of the check-out (ie. item pick-up) function
  • Posting on the Auction Calendar of our web site with a link to your organization’s web site auction event
  • Pre-auction counseling on the dos and don’ts for a successful auction

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