Absolute Downsizing Auction in Jeffersontown

Downsizing of an 8 acre property in Jeffersontown. Items include antique and Amish-made quilts, antique duck decoys, shotguns and rifles, furniture, kitchenalia, vintage Pepsi and Coca Cola machines, antique tractors, a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban, 2005 Harley Davidson 1200c motorcycle, antique tools, trailers and much more.
  •   Aug 24 @ 4:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Sep 4 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
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Absolute Online Only Auction
No Reserves - No Minimums
10% buyer's premium
Location: 4308 Chenoweth Run Rd. Louisville, KY 40299

  • Bidding ends: Wednesday, September 4, 2019, beginning at 7:00 pm with staggered and extended ending.
  • Open Houses: Sunday, September 1, 2019,  2 - 4 pm and Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 5 - 7 pm.
  • Checkouts/Pickups: Thursday, September 5, 2 - 7 pm and Friday, September 6, 10am - 2pm.

Note: Firearms may be viewed at Everything Concealed Carry during store hours, Mon.-Fri. 10am – 6 pm and on Saturday, from 9-3 pm. Their address is 10306 Taylorsville Rd., Louisville (Jeffersontown), KY 40299 (That’s about 1 block west of the main intersection of Taylorsville Rd. and Watterson Trail in Jeffersontown).


All questions regarding this auction should be directed to Wardlow Auctions, Inc. Any member of our staff would be happy to answer your questions and make this an enjoyable auction experience for you.
Wardlow Auctions, Inc.
12200 Shelbyville Road Suite 222
Louisville, KY 40243
Office: (502) 489-5515 Fax: (502) 489-5516
Email: office@wardlowauc.com
Auctioneer: Stacie Hewitt

Online bidding is offered as a courtesy. The Auctioneers, Wardlow Auctions, Inc., Seller, and the Internet and Software Providers do not guarantee or warrant the online bidding procedure and/or system to operate without interruption or malfunction, and shall not be held responsible in the event of such.

Inspections: Open house will be Sunday, September 1, 2019, 2 - 4 pm and Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 5 - 7 pm 4308 Chenoweth Run Rd. Louisville, KY 40299. All descriptions and information are believed correct, but are not guaranteed. Items are sold “as is - where is” with no guarantees or warranties. It is the Bidders responsibility to inspect the items and research any and all descriptions and information to their complete and full satisfaction prior to bidding. All sales are final.

Buyer’s Premium: A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to the winning bid of each item to determine the final selling price.

Payment Terms: All items must be paid for in full prior to removal and not later than 2:00 pm on September 3, 2019. Payment may be made by cash, credit card (VISA or Mastercard), good personal check, Official Bank Check, or bank certified check. All purchases over $1,000 must be paid for by cash, credit card (VISA or Mastercard), Official Bank Check, or bank certified check. Most buyers choose to pay for their items when they pick them up. However, you can also click “Pay Invoice Now” when you received your invoice. If you fail to pick up your items, we will go ahead and charge your credit card. If you do not pick up your items within the posted pickup times, you may be subjected to a $20 rescheduling fee.

Removal Information and schedule:
All purchases can be picked up at 4308 Chenoweth Run Rd. Louisville, KY 40299 on Thursday, September 5, 2 - 7 pm and Friday, September 6, 10am - 2pm.

Shipping: If you require shipping we suggest you use professional shippers. We have worked successfully with a company called Fragile Pack of Louisville to handle customers' shipping needs. Buyers should contact Scott Logsdon of Fragile Pack at (502) 423-0000 for shipping questions and needs. Wardlow Auctions will coordinate your shipping needs to the extent possible. In the event you’re shipping coins, we may use either Fragile Pack or USPS flat rate shipping. For USPS flat rate shipping we will coordinate with you prior to shipping to determine cost. Shipping costs will be charged to your credit card.

Registration: Registration is free but does require several important pieces of information. Bidders must be registered with their full name, address, and telephone number. An email address is also required so bidders may be sent winning bid notifications and auction invoices. Information from either a MasterCard or Visa is to be held on file. This information is obtained to deter defunct bidding and to facilitate payment once you receive your invoice. The account will be charged in the event that an item has been unpaid after the allotted time for payment has passed. Registration may only be completed with an acknowledgment that the bidder has read and understood all terms and conditions for the sale and online bidding.

How to Register for First Time Bidders: Click on “Register to Bid”, at the next page click on “Sign Up”, and then complete the information requested. Upon successful completion you will receive notice that you are approved to bid.

If You Have Already Registered: If you have already registered and been approved, you simply click on the “Register to Bid” link and on the next page, click on “Sign In”.

Description of Items: All descriptions and information are believed correct, but are not guaranteed and as such the Auctioneers, Wardlow Auctions, Inc., and/or the Seller shall not be held liable for inaccuracies in the information. It is the Bidders responsibility to obtain or verify, prior to bidding, any information they consider critical to their decision to purchase. Preview times are available for potential bidders to physically inspect the items. All bidders are encouraged to inspect and research all aspects of the items, descriptions and information provided to their complete and full satisfaction prior to bidding. The items are being sold “as-is” “where-is” with no warranties or guarantees of any kind including merchantability and/or fitness for particular purpose.

Bidding: Online bidding is to be understood as a binding contract. Bids will be taken with the understanding that the bidder will honor their winning bid with sufficient funds including all applicable taxes and fees. Do not bid if you do not intend to pay. Notification of winning bids will be sent via email along with an auction invoice within 6 hours of the auction’s close. Be sure to check your "Junk" email folder if you do not receive your invoice within that time frame. Bidding can be made using two methods on our website- by clicking on the “Bid” button or by clicking on the “Set Max” button to establish your maximum bid. Bidding increments are pre-set and vary in relationship to the value of the item.

Bidding Increments:
Up to $20.00 - $1.00 increment
Up to $50.00 - $2.00 increment
Up to $100.00 - $5.00 increment
Up to $500.00 - $10.00 increment
Up to $1,000.00 - $20.00 increment
Up to $10,000.00 - $50.00 increment
Up to $50,000.00 - $100.00 increment

“Set Max” Feature: This feature does your bidding without the bidder having to constantly view, log in, and bid on an item. Setting a maximum online is much like coming to a live auction with a preset spending limit in mind. The program will bid for you, in the prescribed increments, and only up to your set maximum bid for the item. For example: assume an item is currently at $200 with Bidder A having the winning bid, and Bidder B wants to place a bid and is willing to spend as much as $400 for the item. If Bidder B places a maximum bid of $400, the price of the item rises only to the next required bid increment or in this case $210. Your Maximum bids are kept confidential and not available for other bidders to see. Any bidder can raise or lower a maximum bid at any time prior to the close of the auction.

Sales Tax:. All sales are subject to 6% Kentucky Sales Tax.

Close of Bidding: The bidding will begin to close at 7:00 PM (Eastern time zone), Wednesday, September 4, 2019. For your convenience, the closing of items will be on a staggered basis of 7 items every minute. For example, items 1-7 will begin closing at 7:00, items 8-14 will begin closing at 7:01, items 15-21 will begin closing at 7:02, etc. The closing of some items may be extended in the event of last minute bidding. See paragraph below regarding the Extended Ending feature.

Extended Ending: All items in the auction will be subject to an extended ending, whereas at the close of the auction, any bidding activity on an item within 3 minutes of the closing time will automatically extend the bidding for 3 more minutes past the time of the last bid. The bidding on that lot will continue to remain open in 3 minute intervals as long as there is bidding activity within 3 minutes of the previous bid. Once there is no bidding activity within the 3 minute period, the bidding on that item will close. For example, if a lot is supposed to close at 7:00 PM but a last minute bid is placed at 6:59 PM, bidding will be extended until 7:02 PM. If another bid is placed on an item at 7:01 PM, bidding will then close at 7:04 PM, unless subsequent bids are placed.

Penalties: Any bidding found to be fraudulent and/or negligence to provide proper payment in the allotted time will result in all appropriate legal action. Any invoice not fully and properly paid for in the allotted time will be charged to the credit card account presented at registration and the items forfeited. Delinquencies will be noted and will prevent the individual from participating in any further live or online auctions conducted by Wardlow Auctions, Inc. Wardlow Auctions, Inc. retains the right to prevent anyone from participating in this and future online auctions who does not abide by the terms and conditions of the auction or whose actions are not in the best interest of our client, the Seller.

Auctioneer's Right to Bid: In accordance with KRS330.220(6)(a), it is hereby disclosed that, with permission from the seller, the auctioneer and any auction staff members reserve the right to bid.

Special Terms and Inspection Periods for Sale of FIREARMS
Inspection – All guns are located at Everything Concealed Carry, 10306 Taylorville Rd., Louisville (Jeffersontown), KY 40299 and may be inspected anytime during regular store hours which are Monday – Friday, 10 AM -6:00 PM and Saturday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. All descriptions and information are believed correct, but are not guaranteed. Items are sold “as is" "where is” with no guarantees or warranties. It is the Bidders responsibility to inspect the items and research any and all descriptions and information to their complete and full satisfaction prior to bidding. All sales are final.
Sale and Transfer of ATF governed firearms (the rifles and handguns):

  1. All sales must comply with ATF requirements, and background checks.
  2. Persons must be at least 21 years of age to buy a handgun and 18 years of age to buy a rifle.
  3. No refunds. If a buyer cannot pass the background check, there will be no refund.
  4. All ATF governed rifles and handguns must be picked up and transferred at Everything Concealed Carry (ECC) in Jeffersontown.
  5. A $20 Transfer fee applies to each firearm, even if buyer has a FFL. This fee shall be paid to (ECC).
  6. Only the registered winning bidder may purchase and transfer the firearm at the licensed dealer.
  7. Wardlow Auctions Inc. will collect all payments for invoices.
  8. ECC must have verification of payment before they transfer and release guns.
  9. If you are an out of state buyer, you will need to have the guns shipped to a FFL gun dealer in your state. Please coordinate with ECC and your local gun dealer. Any resulting shipping and transfer fees shall be paid by the buyer.
  10. Once a gun has been paid for, it will be available for pick-up at ECC during store hours.

Why is a Background Check Required? Our clients, and us, want to be assured that the sale and transfer of the guns are in compliance with the law. In the event that these guns are subsequently stolen from or sold by the buyer and used for illegal purposes, our clients want to be free of any liability regarding the sale and use of the guns.
If you have any questions regarding the background check, pick-up, or shipping, please contact Stacy Woods at Everything Concealed Carry at (502) 657-8488.

Special Terms and Inspection Periods for Sale of Vehicles

  1. Vehicles must be paid for by cash or by official bank check made payable to Wardlow Auctions Inc.
  2. Upon payment, the vehicle may be transferred to the buyer through the county clerk’s office.
  3. Once title is transferred to the buyer, the buyer may take possession of the vehicle.
  4. (Note: The county clerk’s office will require that the vehicle(s) be insured before they will transfer it. So you you’ll need to get insurance and provide them with proof of insurance prior to transferring the vehicle)
  5. The KY County Clerk's office will be the one's charging sales tax on the vehicle at the time of transfer