Past Auctions

Jan 23
This auction has ended.

The Yancey Estate Absolute Auction Phase 2 at The Gallery

  •   Jan 13 @ 4:47pm EST (Start)
  •   Jan 23 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
    Introducing more from the lavish 1400 Willow Tower, this Phase 2 auction offers treasures from the Yancey Estate with some additions. Featuring a low mileage 2016 Mercedes Benz and 2007 Toyota FJ, this auction will be offering antique sterling, Waterford crystal, global vintage decor finds, European porcelain, luxury fashion pieces, high-end pipes, along with many more collectibles and other goods.

    Jan 11
    This auction has ended.

    Downsizing Auction in Crestwood

    •   Jan 1 @ 9:30am EST (Start)
    •   Jan 11 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
      Phase 1! The personal property will be sold in multiple phases, with the final phase to include the Real Estate on 2 acres in Crestwood. Throughout these phases you will find a large variety of antique furniture, Tiffany-style lamps, collectibles, Christmas, books, and so much more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook with the hashtag #CrestwoodCleanout.

      Jan 9
      This auction has ended.

      Estate of James Thornton Absolute Auction

      •   Dec 30 @ 12:00pm EST (Start)
      •   Jan 9 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
        Introducing a lavish treasury of fine art, furniture, and antiques from the James Thornton estate. Founder of Thornton Oil, James' zest for collecting produced an opulent assortment of elegant furnishings. Once proudly displayed in his Willow Towers home, The Gallery at Wardlow is pleased to present an offering of his treasures, including; antique English furniture, 19th century oil paintings, Japanese woodblocks, luxurious porcelain pieces, leather-bound book volumes, ornate mirrors, artisan pottery, early clocks, and more.

        Jan 4
        This auction has ended.

        Estate Auction in Northfield- Part Two

        •   Dec 27 @ 10:00pm EST (Start)
        •   Jan 4 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
          This is part two of a large estate auction in Northfield. Additional Willett furniture, original artwork, fine jewelry, a coin collection with dozens of silver dollars, half dollars and some antique coins, vintage furnishings and more.

          Dec 19
          This auction has ended.

          End of The Year Auction of Early Toys and Fine English Antiques At The Gallery

          •   Dec 9 @ 12:16pm EST (Start)
          •   Dec 19 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
            Prepare room in your collection space for the incredible pieces this auction is offering! Find treasures of fine English silver, antique figural nodders, a Buddy L train, and early tin windup toys. Decorate with antique and modern oil paintings, framed lithographs, and a phenomenal assortment of early photographs. Adorn your rooms with high quality hand-knotted rugs, antique candelabras, furniture, Seth Thomas clocks, and more!!

            Dec 14
            This auction has ended.

            Vintage and Modern Sports & Movie Card Auction

            •   Dec 7 @ 12:00pm EST (Start)
            •   Dec 14 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
              This auction features a giant selection of unopened packs spanning more than 5 decades! Including various wax sealed sports card packs (wax sealed means these are unopened packs and may have a rare find in them!), Christmas packs, Lamar Jackson, movie and dinosaur cards, and much more. Get those stocking stuffers and gifts for your hard-to-buy-for friends and family!

              Dec 12
              This auction has ended.

              Antiques and Folk Art Auction in Bardstown, KY

              •   Dec 2 @ 3:00pm EST (Start)
              •   Dec 12 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
                This Bardstown, KY estate auction is full of fine antique furniture, eclectic antique photography and prints, original artwork, folk art, pottery, books and more. From an early age, David Skellenger collected family history and historical objects, which is reflected in this collection. His partner, Dennis Eckert, created original landscape, architectural and still life paintings and had them beautifully framed for gallery showcasing. This is part one of a two-part auction for this estate, with part two being held in The Gallery at Wardlow Auctions in 2023.

                Dec 5
                This auction has ended.

                Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs Auction

                •   Dec 5 @ 3:00pm EST
                  Wardlow Auctions is honored to assist Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs in a liquidation auction! Up for auction is over 100 rugs, both new and antique, in all colors and patterns, ranging in size from 4' x 6' to 14' x 20'!

                  Nov 30
                  This auction has ended.

                  Estate Auction in East Louisville

                  •   Nov 23 @ 12:00pm EST (Start)
                  •   Nov 30 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
                    This Estate Auction is a smaller but quality auction in East Louisville featuring a low-mileage 2001 Saturn LW200 Wagon, antique and modern furniture, rugs, artwork, unique corner cabinet, home accents, and more!

                    Nov 29
                    This auction has ended.

                    Large Collection of Sealed Wax Sports Card Auction

                    •   Nov 21 @ 9:05pm EST (Start)
                    •   Nov 29 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
                      This auction will be featuring a great selection of various wax sealed sports card packs with a large majority from the 1980's. Wax sealed means these are unopened packs and may have a rare find in them such as a Reggie Miller or Scottie Pippen rookie card, Michael Jordan All-Star card, Bo Jackson rookie card, early Montana and Elway cards, and many more! These is also a small selection of sealed movie and TV show card packs including Indiana Jones and Knight Rider. Great stocking stuffers for the Holidays!

                      Nov 28
                      This auction has ended.

                      50 Year Collection Liquidation at The Gallery - Phase 3

                      •   Nov 18 @ 5:00pm EST (Start)
                      •   Nov 28 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
                        The much anticipated third phase of this long time collector downsizing! This phase features a variety of items including pottery (Roseville, Rookwood, VanBriggle, McCoy, Fiesta, and others!), Department 56, vintage and modern Christmas decor, collectible Pez dispensers, lamps, artwork, and much more.

                        Nov 21
                        This auction has ended.

                        Fall Multi-Estate & Consignor Auction at The Gallery

                        •   Nov 11 @ 5:00pm EST (Start)
                        •   Nov 21 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
                          This auction features many unique collections from multiple estates and consignors. Anything from an extensive antique watch fob collection, quilted satin glass, Erte and Cybis figures, vintage cameras, gold and sterling jewelry, coins, advertising, 1960's Boys Scout memorabilia, and so much more!

                          Nov 14
                          This auction has ended.

                          Estate Auction in Northfield- Part One

                          •   Nov 7 @ 12:00pm EST (Start)
                          •   Nov 14 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
                            This is part one of a two-part large estate auction in Northfield. This home is filled with Willett furniture, a beautiful Steinway and Sons mahogany case piano, sterling silver, original artwork, collectible china and glassware, a locally handmade carousel horse, vintage jewelry and more.

                            Nov 7
                            This auction has ended.

                            The Eclectic Ron Morris Estate Auction at The Gallery - Phase 5

                            •   Oct 31 @ 3:00pm EDT (Start)
                            •   Nov 7 @ 7:00pm EST (End)
                              The last and final opportunity to own a piece of the amazing Morris collection, including original art and photographs, rare books, eclectic design items, and more!

                              Nov 2
                              This auction has ended.

                              Autographed Sports Memorabilia Auction at The Gallery

                              •   Oct 21 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
                              •   Nov 2 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
                                This auction will be featuring a large collection of autographed sports memorabilia with authentication! The estate spent many years curating this fantastic collection including jerseys, baseballs, bats, miniature football helmets, and more.