Antique Sleigh with Reported Historical Background

The ultimate holiday decoration for business or home. Antique (circa 1900) sleigh with reported historical connection.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018, beginning at 7:00 pm with extended ending.
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Checkouts/Pickups: Auctioneer will make arrangements. The sleigh must be paid for in full prior to removal no later than 3:00pm on Friday, November 30, 2018.

Auctioneer’s Note: This sleigh is currently owned by one of our customers and has been stored in the (temperature controlled) basement of his home for the past 20 years. The sleigh is believed to have been once owned by Samuel Moffet Ralston (1857–1925) a former Governor of Indiana from 1913 -1917 and U.S. Senator. The current owner, an author, historian, and collector of old west and military memorabilia, said his records documenting the provenance of the sleigh were either stolen or destroyed. Thus, the information contained in this description is based on the owner’s recollection of conversations with various people and what he had previously documented. At the end of the description, you will also find a brief bio about the owner to get a better understanding of his background and experiences.

Regardless of history, this antique sleigh would be a great addition to one’s personal collection or a fantastic retail/marketing display item for the Christmas holiday season.

About the Sleigh

As previously indicated it is believed this sleigh was owned by former Indiana Governor and U.S. Senator Samuel Moffet Ralston who served as Governor from 1913–1917. The current owner purchased the sleigh from an estate sale of the late Governor’s heirs outside of Columbus, Indiana around 1987. While in office, the Governor brought the sleigh into the capitol rotunda each Christmas and had it decorated for children to enjoy. After he left office he continued this practice until his death. Following his death his heirs were required to continue this practice for a period of 20 years. When purchased, the sleigh was attached to a frame on casters so it could easily be maneuvered in and out of and around the capital and anywhere else. The sleigh is still attached to the frame and casters. (This information was provided verbally to the owner at the time he purchased the sleigh, by the person handling the heirs estate sale).

Around 1990 the current owner took the sleigh to Bluegrass Carriage Shop, a carriage restoration shop in Danville, KY, to get it appraised by shop owner Darrell Shannon (now deceased). He told the owner that the sleigh was similar to the Portland Cutter design but it also appeared to be custom made as it had no company identifying plate underneath as was standard for normally manufactured sleighs. Something akin to a present VIN plate and number on automobiles. He stated that the sleigh was made at the very end of the 1800s or the early part of the 1900s and was of cutter design.

Based on our research, the sleigh resembles a Portland Cutter sleigh, however, again no VIN plate could be found to verify this. Two features that set this sleigh apart from most other sleighs is that this sleigh has: 1) doors on each side of the body, and 2) a bench in front of the seat that could be used by a chauffeur to drive the sleigh.

For its age, the sleigh is in its original, un-restored condition, which is excellent. Naturally, it shows some aging and has good patina. Following is more detailed information about the construction, features, and condition of the sleigh. It has been kept inside the owners house for the past 20 years.

Body: Wood and metal construction, overall length is 66”; front height is 49”; front width is 37”; rear height is 52”; length of runners is 80”. Different parts of the sleigh have different colors which are maroon, hunter green and dark brown with pin-stripe and hand painted design accenting. The interior of the two doors and surrounding area is black leather.

Seat: The seat is made of green velvet upholstery. The seat back and sides are made of the same green velvet but is a tuck and button design. The upholstery condition is typical for age with signs of wear but there are no tear or major negative wear marks.

Bench: In front of the seat is a bench, also with green velvet upholstery that can be raised for a chauffeur/driver to sit or lowered if there is no chauffeur/driver.

Attachments: 1) There are ice scrapers (for boots) attached to the body near each doorway. 2) There is a whip holder socket attached to the right side of the sleigh for driver access. 3) There is a decorative chrome filigree panel above the front dash with two bird (perhaps eagle) heads ornamentation protruding from the front dash on each side.

Decorative Accents: There are several decorative raised wood accents around the sleigh as well hand painted pin striping and floral designs. There is also a small painted picture of black rearing horse on the inside of the front dash.

Shaft: It appears this sleigh was rigged to be pulled by a single horse. The owner had a drop heal shaft made by the Amish, in authentic period style using original shaft hardware. The shaft is included with the sale of the sleigh.

About the Owner: (for security reasons, as he has many other collectibles, we shall refer to him as Dr. C.)

Dr. C is a retired neurophysiologist. He received is B.A. in psychology from the University of Louisville, his M.A. in experimental psychology, and his Ph.D. in physiological psychology and psychosomatic medicine in 1975. He spent a great deal of time with the old Sioux medicine men on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations exploring their practices of medicine and the control of pain. During this time he became well liked by the Sioux Indians and was honorarily adopted into the Sioux Indian tribe by the grandson of Chief Red Cloud. Dr. C. has authored and co-authored several books and articles on his study of medicine, the Canadian goose, and Sioux history for the South Dakota Historical Society’s South Dakota History publications. Dr. C’s hobby has been “collecting” and he has amassed an extensive collection of Indian, western, and military memorabilia.

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