Tribute to Kentucky Wildlife Artist Ray Harm (1926-2015)

We’ve been selling his prints for years. Ray Harm, famed Kentucky wildlife artist, died April 9, 2015. He was 88 years old. Known for his intricate wildlife paintings Mr. Harm had been described as Kentucky’s “most noted bird artist since John James Audubon”. Surprisingly, Mr. Harm never used photos or mechanical devices to create his artwork. He relied on field sketches and knowledge of his subject matter to produce his work. In 1962 Mr. Harm was commissioned by President John F. Kennedy to do a painting of a family of bald eagles. And in 1964 he was named Kentucky’s Man of the Year. The next time you see one of Mr. Harm’s prints, please take a few seconds to pay your respect to Mr. Harm and thank him for his exceptional, artistic talent and contributions to the world of wildlife artistry.

Rick Wardlow, Auctioneer
Wardlow Auctions Inc.