Registration and Bidding Tips

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

We suggest that you register early in the auction and place a bid (while bids are still low) to make sure you are registered and to become familiar with the bidding process. We’ve seen too many instances where people wait until the last minute to register and bid, then get flustered and lose the item they wanted. We want your auction experience to be a pleasant one.

Registration for First Time Customers

Click on your auction of interest. Click on “Register to Bid”. Then click on “Sign Up” (it is below the green bar that says sign in). Complete the information requested. The system will notify you when you have been approved to bid.

Registration for Repeat Customer

Click on your auction of interest. Click on “Register to Bid”. Click on the green “Sign In” bar.

How to Bid

Click on the “Bid$$” box which shows the next bid amount required. Then click on the next box that says “Confirm Bid” to confirm your bid amount on that item. If you wish to bid more than the next bid required, use the “+” button to increase your bid.

Setting a Max Bid

Click on the “Set Max” box, and then set your max bid amount. The system will bid for you only if someone else bids against you and it will do so in the minimum increment established, only up to your authorized max bid amount. If two max bids are placed on the same item, the system will recognize and advance to the max bid that was placed first.

Your Items

Clicking on “Your Items” allows you to view only those items you are bidding on as well as ones you have starred. It will also show you which items you have the high bid on and those in which you’ve been outbid.

The “Star” Button

If you want to watch/follow certain items without bidding on them, click on the “Star” and it will place those items on “Your Items” list. If you want to remove an item from “Your Items” list, simply re-click on the “Star”.

Bid History

Click on this button to see the bidding activity on a specific item, including the amount and time of each bid. It DOES NOT show names of bidders.

Bidding with our App

If you are using the App to bid from your phone and if you are right-handed, and you tend to hurriedly scroll through the items, we suggest that you scroll on the left side of the screen to avoid placing any bids inadvertently.

What is the Benefit of Using Our App?

Our app is user-friendly and allows you to see items, photos, and descriptions in a concise manner. You will also get notified when you are outbid so you can imediately go to the item and place another bid.

It’s Your Bid

Only you can place bids on your behalf unless you give your registration information and password to someone else.
Bidding is a 3 step process:

  1. You must be registered to bid,
  2. You have to click on the “Bid $$” button to place a bid
  3. You have to click on the “Confirm Bid” button before your bid will be placed.


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