About The Gallery

The Gallery at Wardlow Auctions provides an option for sellers in which an on-site auction would be impractical or unsuitable for their needs. Our services fit a variety of situations, including estates and downsizing projects, and offer opportunities for individuals to participate in multi-seller consignment auctions throughout the year.  Located within the secure facilities at Wardlow Auctions, at the corner of Westport Rd and Chamberlain Ln, The Gallery hosts more than 1200sqft of exhibition space to accommodate large and small auctions.

Common questions:

  • How long does the approval process take and how soon can items be delivered?
    • The approval process requires an in-person appointment to review all items being considered for auction. Scheduling may take up to 2 weeks. Delivery of collections of small items such as coins, jewelry, artwork, firearms, ect can often be arranged within the same day as the contract signing. Large items such as furniture, vehicles, or large numbers of packed boxes, may take several weeks depending on space available in our secure storage space.
  • I am a (real estate agent, bank figure, family member, executor), what information will you need me to supply?
    • Auctioneers in the state of Kentucky must be licensed and operate under the state statues and regulations, enforced by the Kentucky Board of Auctioneers. Contracts are legally binding documents and will not be signed without appropriate legal documentation of a secondary party "right to sign". Depending on the situation this documentation may be a Power of Attorney or Certificate of Qualification.
  • What type of items are accepted?
    • Each gallery auction is curated with the goal of bringing the maximum hammer price for the items being auctioned. Understanding that each seller's needs and goals differ, it is best for prospective clients contact us directly. Having snapshots available for review is extremely helpful for consultation. While we do accept a wide variety of items, we rarely approve household goods (such as pots/pans, consumer electronics, bedding, china/dishes, ect), upholstered furniture (such as couches, recliners, loveseats), and mass produced collectibles (such as Precious Moments figures, common art prints, diecast cars, ect).

To inquire about our process or schedule an appointment, email Jessica Armstead at jessica@wardlowauc.com or call (502) 489-5515.

Upcoming consignment opportunities